Riccardo Massari Spiritini is a composer and performer of electronic & acoustic music since at least 30 years.  His music takes different forms and sound,  ranging from classical contemporary, through post-jazz improvisation to electronic and vocal experience, soundscape and sound-art.

Riccardo likes to sign with his full name the works that are created more as a classical composer or sound artist. For other projects he uses frequently the nickname Tarkampa,  a name, a band, a music project, open to many unorthodox influences. Recently, he has been interviewed in musical programs of National Television of Spain RTVE, Columbia University Radio (New York), and Mexican National Radio 3. He also collaborated with the online music magazine Sulponticello (Madrid). His works got great success and a very positive opinion on musical magazines (CD Compact in Spain, Blow Up and Rockerilla magazines in Italy)

Among his recent collaborations (with Tarcordium, electronics and acoustic piano) it is worth mentioning the participation in concerts organized by John Zorn at The Stone in New York in 2012. 


  • BUTE (2021)  BUTE, Oltre il Canto delle Sirene. Un progetto musicale e letterario di Riccardo Massari Spiritini e Fabio Zannoni. pagina del progetto performativo  qui il podcast . Un’immaginifica narrazione sonora, fatta di suoni acustici ed elettronici, miti, storie e paesaggi descritti attraverso le parole provenienti da vari universi letterari e da alcuni testimoni della scienza e della storia: Apollonio Rodio, Pasqual Quignard, Guido Barbujani e Andrea Brunelli, Italo Calvino, Stefan Zweig, Antonio Tabucchi, Juan Goytisolo, Paul Bowles, Julio Cortázar, Dante Alighieri, Alessandro Leogrande.
  • MADERNALIA 2020. Hundred years  Bruno Maderna anniversary edition with original music, interpretation and assembling of improvised (alea) and written materials dedicated to the memory of one of the greatest music titan of the XX century.  Two volumes on Spiritini Bandcap (free download)
  • 2020 SOUND AFTER CLIMATE CHANGE  a pure electronic work in 3 volumes
  • Tarkampa production of ORACLES I & II two broadcasts (podcasts now) of one hour created during the 2020  lockdown. Include music of Tarkampa and other transversal projects by Spiritini.
  • Studies and recording with the analog synthesizer LYRA8 by SOMA from April 2019 until today.Composition for double LYRA8 with or without other instruments and sounds. This work gave birth to some solo Lyra8 albums you can listen like for example  ALTRI VOLI VOLTAICI
  • New compositions for  Percussions for Vasco Trilla
  • New Composition for Cello and Electronica for Edgardo Espinosa

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