The work of R.M.Spiritini is often related with the other arts.  Many of his last works for different instruments are presented together with projected images, light and objects. He often works as a performer with piano and electronic means and as a creator of sound installations.
STUDIES – Riccardo Massari Spiritini (1966, Italy), musician, composer, producer, poet/song-writer, artist and curator. He grew up in Italy playing piano and (electric) guitar, percussion and synthesizers and studying music composition in Verona and Architecture in Venice. He worked as a student, technical music studio assistant and musician with Andrea Centazzo from 1990 to 1997.
In 1998 he moved in The Netherlands to study Music Composition at the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag. In 2000 he obtained his Bachelor and Master of Music in The Hague with excellent scores (Composition for acoustic instruments, voice, and electronica, main teachers Clarence Balrow, Martijn Padding and Luis Andriessen). He also studied Sonology at the same Conservatory (main teachers Clarence Barlow and Richard Barret).
He attended composition masterclasses with György Ligeti and Alessandro Solbiati in 1996 in Italy, and with Walter Zimmerman and György Kurtág in 1999 in Holland.
LANGUAGES – Riccardo speaks and writes in Italian, English, Spanish and Catalan.
COMPOSITION – From 1992  till the present day he collected a wide range of different compositions, acoustic and electronic, including different tendencies  that go from ambient and  minimal music, to  classic contemporary, sound installation, pop song, and sound-scape.
His “contemporary classic” compositions have been premiered worldwide by:  Jean Pierre Dupuy, Marcel Warm, Ric Sims, Cristin Wilbolz, Adriano Ambrosini, Saverio Tasca,  Royal Ensemble, Trio Kandinsky, Fernando Dominguez (and Ensemble Tres), Ensemble Barcelona Nova Música, Sonsoles Alonso, Intimate Notion Dream (Raj Pertot, Lublijana, Slovenia).
LIVE MUSIC – As a parallel activity since the ’90 Riccardo Massari played live with worldwide free jazz, electronic improvisers such  (piano, electronic devices, tarcordium): Andrea Centazzo, John Russel, Butch Morris, Maarten Altena, Steve Heather, Peter Horowiz, Anne la Berge, Richard Barret, Cor Fuhler, Myra Melford, Daní Kouiaté, Zeena Parkins, Luisiana Red, Cleo Palacio, Marko Ciciliani, Xu Fengxia, Christaan de Jong, Harry Sparnaay, Wiek Hijmans, Luc Houtkamp, Gert Jan Prins, Cor Fuhler, Achille Succi, LaDonna Smith, Roberto Ottaviano, Lisle Ellis, Perry Robinson, Joe Giardullo, Gino Robair, Carlo Actis Dato, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Mat Davignon, and the band Speechwater (with Cristin Wildbolz and Hester Boverhaus).
As a composer Spiritini published some of his works with: Bérben (Italy), JDK-Creamgarden (Holland), Subliminaltape Club (Belgium), Ars Harmonica (Spain), IND (Slovenija), OFFICINA55 (Spain).
FESTIVALS – As a musician, composer or/and curator:
Festival de Música 2004 at Metrònom (Fundació Rafael Tous, Barcelona)ª, Taktlos (Bern, Zurich), Angelica (Bologna, Itàlia), Big Torino Biennale Arte (Turin, Itàlia), Rumori Festival (Amsterdam), Terza Prattica (Amsterdam), Variazioni di Pressione (Verona, Itàlia), Bit Shift (Ljubljana, Galeria Kapelika, Slovenia), Painting Music (Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum), Lloc de Pas (MACBA, Barcelona), Festival Nueva Música (Ciudad de Mexico), Avuimúsica (Barcelona), Festival do Novas Musicas (Guarda, Portugal), The Italian Improviser Invasion (The Stone, NYC 2012).
PUBLISHING –  LABELS   Bérben (Italy), JDK-Creamgarden (Holland), Subliminaltape Club (Belgium), Ars Harmonica (Spain), IND (Slovenija). Other works are published independently on Spiritini’s Bandcamp site. And on TARKAMPA bandcamp site for the Tarkampa project.

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