a music instrument, a new world of sounds, with an archaic character and a futurist projection

you can visit also www.tarcordium.com

Around 2004 I started with building and projecting what now is the TARCORDIUM. A new version of the string instrument is now completed (TAR3 – 2015). Hereby you can see pictures and a movie with stereo best quality sound, presenting a recording of  Incantation Bird Dance (Played with TAR2 -2012), Later I improved in 2016 the instrument, and now (2022) We are working at a new version of Tarcordium. Stay informed also visiting the Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/tarkampa/

Description.The instrument has 4 strings divided by 2 bridges in 3 areas (12 fixed pitches). The two microphone bridges are resonators and percussion elements as well. The 2 microphones permit to have a stereo output and a stereo image: central strings, left and right strings, left and right percussion sounds.Springs are resonating and when plucked or hit or bowed give amazing sounds. The result is an hybrid instrument that sounds like cello, viola, violin, koto, African percussion and kora… prepared piano and salterio.

here an article in spanish tarcordium-un-instrumento-arcaico-futurista

Also, the on-line music magazine (Madrid)  SULPONTICELLO published EXODUS  by Riccardo Massari Spiritini, a composition where TARCORDIUM is used in many of its sound facets. Here you can see some old and recents pictures of the instrument and some sketches of the project.

Recently TARCORDIUM has been more and more visible to the public thanks to  a documentary for the Spanish National Television. Here the link http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/cronicas/cronicas-aulas-para-rock/3040738/

Thanks for watching and listening! More on this subject to come!!!




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